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Public Health England
TOAD London

Love is Key - PSA animated short 

Illustration, Character Design,
Environment Design


PHE approached UK-based agency TOAD London to create an animated short aimed at young people, to urge them to rethink their social interactions post COVID-19. TOAD brought me in on the project along with my long-time animation collaborator Nikunj Patel of Studio Moebius. Working in the role of illustrator, I was able to visually stitch the video together, providing character and environment designs.

Love is Key; follows a young man who appears to be breaking the rules for a hook-up. The film is awash with subtle detail, and every single frame has multiple covid related messages alongside cultural Easter eggs.

Character Sheet.jpg
Character Sheet_Rework.jpg
Bish's Room 6.jpg
Living Room 6.jpg
Window Shot 6.jpg
Alexis' room 4.jpg
Nadia's Room 2.jpg
Neil's Room 6.jpg
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