Aswekeepsearching - Zia 

Indian independent post-rock band, Aswekeepsearching's 2nd album, 'Zia'.

Molly Moore - Now You See me

Molly Moore is an L.A. based musician known for her nuanced electro pop sound.

Sandunes - Nola Daydream

A promotional artwork made for the release of Sandunes' EP, 'Nola Daydream'.

Sandunes is a keys player, composer and beatsmith based in Mumbai.

Lala - Apurv Isaac


Creation of an Artist Profile and Website for the Mumbai based Musician & Producer, Apurv Isaac.

Visit the website here :

Aartiste Studios

Creation of a logo for Aartiste Studio, a state-of-the-art large format studio based in Mumbai. 

Knowmad Records

Promotional artwork series for the independent record label based in Mumbai.

Humans of Music

Promotional artwork for their one year anniversary.

Sofar Sounds Mumbai

Artwork created for a show in Mumbai 

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