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Exhibits & Collaborations

Indianama 2017 

"The Happy Place"

Curated by the Delhi-based design studio Animal.

Created in collaboration with Nikunj Patel of Studio Moebius

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Concept Note :

To find happiness in slices in the most unlikely of places. We realized that different people have their own separate version of what consists of a happy place. In a large country like india there are so many places where one could find it. We tried to depict that as an emotional journey through the places we look to for respite. It starts out with the outer most layer depicting city life and works its way inwards to nature. Eventually we reach the core, where we find the child inside each and everyone of us.


Verve July 2017- Art Issue

Collaboration with Verve to create mixed-media artworks for the beauty section.

Model and Illustrator: Hanisha Tirumalasetty. Photographed by Vijit Gupta. Hair and make-up by Júnior Queirós, Inega Model Management. Styled by Chandni Bahri. All clothes by Aniket Satam, Mumbai

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2018-10-05 14_54_00-Verve Online Verve,
2018-10-05 14_48_49-Verve Online Verve,
2018-10-05 14_54_16-Verve Online Verve,
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