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Software: Unreal Engine

Mindscape is the culmination of the explorative journey of my art practice over the course of my time at LCC. I had come to appreciate the use of collage & assemblage in my practice as a form of abstract expression that allowed me to create surrealist imagery more intuitively.

Beginning that journey with digital 2D collages that served as artistic documentation of my arbitrary thoughts, it eventually progressed into the formulation of Mindscape, a surrealistic, immersive, 3D landscape which presents a visual map of my daily thoughts through the month of November 2020. By using the thematic association to present the documented thoughts, I collected readymade 3D models and collaged them to create a sculptural landscape.

The intention of this project was to create ‘a mindscape’ of memories which a viewer could step through and experience as an immersive environment.  By using the game engine Unreal Engine 4 as a tool, I was able to realise this goal. The final outcome, in the form of a playable game, allows the audience to walk through, interact with and explore the 3D landscape.


Blue Chairs

Software: Core Editor

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Red Tree

Software: Core Editor

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Software: Adobe Dimension



Software: Adobe Dimension



Software: Adobe Dimension